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Cihangir Mahallesi, Sıraselviler Caddesi, Aslanyatağı Sokak, No 3, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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23:00 - 05:00

Trym (Ismus)

Blurring the boundaries between techno and hardtrance combined with his familiar touch of acid, Sparkling Waterboy Trym is a leading face of France’s new-gen techno artists.

Already having performed at places and events like Possession, Fée Croquer, Griessmuehle and KHIDI, Trym knows how to put the crowd into a trance.

He signed an EP entitled "Sparkling System" on Regal’s label, Involve Records : four tracks that define TRYM perfectly.

An EP well appreciated and played by Regal, Amelie Lens, Paula Temple, Shlomo and Charlotte De Witte on several gigs.

Animal Holocaust (Messe Noire Records)

Messe Noire Records boss
Animal Holocaust is a project around deep ambient and industrial landscapes .
Something between techno and experimental music to create a new chaos in the sound , using a lots of analogics synths and drums. In love with industrial soundscapes , intense techno beats , deep & dark ambience and mental noises.

Oguz (Blvckplvgue)

The young dutch talent was instantly noticed by a larger international audience after releasing his first track productions. Always asthonishing his audience with a large variety of styles and influences in his DJ sets OGUZ became one of the most remarkable artists developing a thoroughgoing and unique industrial sound.

CRDN (Steer)

French Producer & DJ with a passion for electronic and techno music.
He continually found new inspirations from different artists resulting in an urge to experiment.
Techno, EBM, Industrial, Acid,HardTechno
Here is what is hiding behind CRDN’s project
Through his productions and sets, he gives birth to a dark, melodious and powerfull atmosphere.
Will undoubtedly make you enter his world.