BURN presents: The Gardens of Babylon Valentine's Day Istanbul




Huzur Mahallesi, Cendere Caddesi, No:120 SARIYER / İstanbul

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23:00 - 04:00


We have missed you. We left your city a while ago. But ever since we decided to return we have not experienced a stronger sense of belonging than to the beautiful city of Istanbul and the connection we have with you.

The time is here to get excited about our return...

The Gardens of Babylon Istanbul
Location: KLEIN
Date: February 14

Let's fall in love on Valentine's Day.

For this special occasion the day of love and connection we are flying in our most favorite DJs from ALL over the world. Get stunned by a musical program unlike anything else on a Thursday night in Istanbul.

✩∘ D'Arksy (DUBAI)
✩∘ Elif (IST)
✩∘ Isaac Stern (AMS)
✩∘ José Noventa (BEL)
✩∘ Loewenthal (PARIS)
✩∘ Maga (AMS)
✩∘ Max Morel (AMS)
✩∘ Menachem 26 (IST)
✩∘ Monality (IST)
✩∘ Mouma (DUBAI)
✩∘ Özgür Bay (IST)
✩∘ Parallells (MONACO)
✩∘ Sound Shapes (IT)
✩∘ TantRut (SWE)
✩∘ Thugfucker (USA)

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The Gardens of Babylon
The Gardens of Babylon is a global family that co-creates mythical nights around the world. Nights, sold out thanks to the combination of this family and incredible music by Acid Pauli, Bedouin, Mira&Chris, Damian Lazarus, Britta Unders, Sabo, Goldcap and basically any other artist that we love and adore in this sound.

Time to lose yourself in music, find yourself in life...

There's so much more to this event than only music. Find yourself at a show that combines the power of musical, visual and even spiritual dream effects to connect you to yourself and everyone around you.

✩∘ Opening Meditation
✩∘ Opening Ceremony
✩∘ The Market of Curiosities
✩∘ and much more to announce...

Do you want to participate in this magical event?
Send an email to: info@thegardensofbabylon.com

The new ones, the old ones. You have always been our family. Come and find yourself at The Gardens of Babylon Istanbul with artists, performers and the most magical crowd. ALL ready to dive in deep. Together and with you.

We create the energy, the endless adventures and the moments of incredible and undefinable love. Built one dream, and have a lifetime of memories. Calling our family from all over the world, this February we will be in Istanbul.


The Gardens of Babylon x Generic Music

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