Pub Story: ''UP ON THE ROOF'' | İstanbul


GEÇMİŞ üyelerine %25 indirim!

Pub Story is proud to announce a new Istanbul event in English: Up On The Roof!

This experience is much more than simply having fun. You can have a good time doing the same thing every night. Drinking with your friends, endless scrolling through Instagram… But this kind of fun is about something else. It’s an adventure.

Teaming up with the Bunk Hostel, Pub Story is now bringing the internationals of Istanbul together. Mark the date on your calendar. Join us at the Pub Story event. It'll be great, we promise. You are going to meet lots of new people. Socialise, mingle, talk, laugh... More than just a night out.

The most social and fun experience the city has to offer! Meet tons of new people while playing a custom designed and one-of-a-kind interactive game via Pub Story mobile app. On 26th of January, we’ll be at Bunk Hostel, a luxurious hostel located in Taksim commonly regarded as the center of the city. To celebrate togetherness and to live a night to remember. You’ll tell the stories afterwards.